What Is Healers West

Wendy West is an intercultural holistic health coach specializing in issues related to career, relationships, marriage, cancer, chronic illness, and grief. Wendy advocates mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance as the basis of stress reduction and wellness. Combining her education in Depth Psychology, Integrative Health, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine with her unique cross cultural experiences, Wendy appreciates how people from different backgrounds (economic, religious, social, ethnic, educational and cultural) act, communicate and perceive the world. Wendy believes that people are intrinsically the same and through collaboration she becomes a witness to increased self-awareness and subsequent self-care which empowers clients to make whatever changes they desire. Wendy offers the optional use of Flower Essences that serve as a catalyst in the shift to awareness, empowerment and wholeness. Having experienced chronic health issues and breast cancer, Wendy appreciates also working with clients who have “health opportunities”, helping them navigate their journey.

The Healers West vision is to inspire and empower clients to become their True Self through obtaining mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance, in turn creating wholeness and meaning in their lives.

Healers West promotes health coaching as an integral part of preventative medicine with Wendy providing safety as an unbiased, loving, non-judgmental, ego-free witness, using active listening and reframing techniques. Clients discover and ignite their innate healing potential and the realization that one’s journey through life’s challenges can be understood as a unique opportunity for healing as opposed to a focus on curing. Wendy’s sessions often include stress management and self-awareness techniques such as Guided Imagery, Creative Visualization, Meditation, Non-Violent Communication and Journaling as part of her integrative approach to Health Coaching. Wendy’s ultimate goal is to empower every individual to become their own health coach.


-Cross Cultural Communication

-Experience working with African, Asian, European, Hispanic/Latino Populations

-Extensive personal experience with CAM for cancer and illness

-Networking and Referrals

-Open minded, unbiased, empathetic and loving with a burning desire to be of service to others

-Dedicated to personal ongoing self-awareness

2013 University of Minnesota: Graduate Certificate, Health Coaching and Integrative Therapies

2004: Pacifica Graduate Institute, MA, Counseling Psychology

1987: La Universidad Complutense: Spanish Studies Program

1982: Boston College, BA History

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German

Healers West informational blogs are offered with the hope that others might find some inspiration to follow a more holistic approach in their lives. As a Health Coach, Wendy offers in person and phone consultations to assist individuals in healing themselves. She also offers Corporate Seminars and Workshops introducing Health Coaching as a form of Preventative Medicine with an emphasis on stress management and Flower Essence Consultations.

The Healers West website/blog is designed to connect complementary and alternative healers and integrative doctors for FREE to the general public. After proper vetting, each healer can fill out their own profile and become automatically listed as a member of the Healers West Network.

Healers West’s goal is to help educate people about the healthy and integrative alternatives and provides a list of practitioner profiles and their healing modalities. We honor and promote healers who have the highest caliber practice, utmost integrity and an ego-free commitment to service. All of them share a profound sense that their role is to help clients heal themselves. Healers West hopes to be of service to those who are open to learning how to heal themselves without further compromising their health.The Healers West Network invites members of the medical and healing professions to contact us if they are interested in being listed for FREE under our category of Healer Profiles.

For Health Coaching consultations, Flower Essence Remedies, or to become a member of the Healers West Network, please call 626-533-4855.